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Telcofan is an independent company founded in 2004 that offers Consultancy and Wireless Solutions. We have more than 25 years experience in Mobile Telecommunications and all our staff has a mobile operator background. Our mission is to deliver or contribute to an outstanding QoS and QoE for Wireless solutions in an cost-effective way for our clients. This can be through innovation or improving operational performance of a mobile operator, delivering turn-key best-of-breed Wireless Solutions or providing Global IoT/M2M Connectivity services.

Our clients are located worldwide.

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Private networks are a cost-effective solution for mobile Voice & Data (broadband) coverage at off-shore windmill parks

Off-shore windmill parks in Europe are often build beyond 32 km from the coastline to avoid visual impact from the beach. In order to ensure wireless communication between co-workers and exchange data with the turbines ubiquitous Voice and Data coverage is required. LTE technology is available today to deliver an excellent mobile broadband experience anywhere anytime. Telcofan takes care of design, implementation, testing, optimisation and maintenance.

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Telcofan BVBA is an independant private limited company located in Belgium (EU) under registration number 0870.302.707.



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