About Us

Telcofan BVBA is providing Consultancy services and Wireless Solutions from our main office in Belgium to clients worldwide.

We have a flexible approach to adapt according to the wish of our customers. This can be by working through 3rd party preferred suppliers or in partnership.


Our Services:

Our hands-on Consultancy Services are provided by highly qualified engineers to mobile operators (MNO/MVNO), infrastructure vendors, public authorities, enterprises and private companies. All our staff has knowledge of 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and IoT technologies and is specialised in one or more areas such as RAN, CORE, SIM and VAS. Typical areas we provide consultancy on are Iot solution building, operational improvement, business process analysis and re-engineering, organisational development, strategic projects technical and financial evaluation including scenario planning, new spectrum license bidding preparation, implementing complex innovations and program management.

For IoT/M2M solutions Connectivity is a key aspect for your devices to work out-of-the-box. We provide a global mobile network access solution that allows your device to connect in every country on 2G/3G/4G/5G. Over 500 operators are available and all SIM's (including eSIM) can be managed from a self-service portal. With multiple operators per country connectivity is guaranteed also in case of mobile operator outages. With one contract all your devices have wordwide connectivity instantly.

Our Solutions:

Wireless solutions often need to solve a coverage or capacity problem inside a building or at remote locations e.g. off-shore, IoT use cases. Our clients are mobile operators as well as enterprises that approach us with different challenges.Telcofan is the design and implementation firm working in close partnership with clients to deliver exceptional and sustainable tailor made solutions. For each project we offer our engineering study and design services and for the hardware and software we work with different partnes. We can provide the overall project management to ensure you have only one contractor to get your problem solved in time and budget. After implementation we can offer maintenance services.

Implementing Wireless solutions and IoT often requires custom software development to ensure a perfect local integration. This could be to allow system integraton up to a tailor made mobile application. This will be done by our own development resources or through our IT partner Tulinx.

About Telcofan

Telcofan BVBA is an independant private limited company located in Belgium (EU) under registration number 0870.302.707.


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