Private Networks with Small Cells

Private networks are targeted at small areas and a low number of users. With a dedicated Soft Core network (max. 5000 users) the Small Cells including Femto can be easily connected to create cost effective solutions for GSM, UMTS, LTE and WiFi coverage. Such a Soft Core can be integrated with a local PABX that allow the use of mobile phones as a replacemenent of DECT cordless units. One of the main advantages is the reduction in costs.


Wireless Solutions

Wireless solutions often need to solve a coverage or capacity problem inside buildings or located off-shore. Our clients are mobile operators as well as enterprises that approach us with different challenges. Telcofan is the design and consultancy firm working in close partnership with clients to deliver exceptional and sustainable tailor made solutions. For each project we offer our consultative engineering and design services and can also source from third party best-of-breed vendors if required. We can provide the overall project management to ensure you have only one contractor to get your problem solved in time and budget. 

Solution Contracting

  • Study of best-of-breed solutions to a wireless problem
  • Design and Engineering
  • Turn-key implementation
  • Support and Maintenance

Some examples:

WiFi coverage and/or performance issues

  • On-site measurements of coverage
  • Channel interference analysis
  • Wireless Access Points re-configuration
  • WiFi new AP design and/or extension

Private Networks GSM / LTE / 5G

  • Enterprise indoor coverage connected to PABX
  • Hospitals wireless communications including equipment tacking
  • Off-shore Energy / Utilities locations for local Voice & Data services
  • Ad-hoc fast network deployment for Events / Disasters

Indoor Coverage solutions GSM/UMTS/LTE/Tetra/GSM-R

  • Distributed Antenne Systems (DAS)
  • Repeaters
  • Multi-operator shared solutions

About Telcofan

Telcofan BVBA is an independant private limited company located in Belgium (EU) under registration number 0870.302.707.



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